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I just waned to say hello, and thank you all who read this for the sacrafice that all of you and your fallen paratroppers have made for our great country. I am about to begin College and ROTC so that I can return to this great army and serve my God, my country, and with my fellow paratroopers and hope that one day I too can leave such a mark on history that you all have... 508th ARCT, Ft Benning Nov53-Mar54 11th Abn Div, Ft Campbell Mar54-Aug54, 187th ARCT, Kyshu, Japan, Ft Bragg Aug54 - Feb56 101st Abn Div, Ft Campbell Feb56-Jul57 (Infantry until Jun56, then QMC and PPM&AD Co at Ft CAMPBELL 1950-82nd Abn Div MP Company 1950-52-187th ARCT MP Platoon 1952-58-NYC PM office,51st CID, Europe,10th Special Forces. Gulick, Panama, Brazil-JBUSMC, Columbia, Argentina, Cuba. Assigned to D Company-Commanding Officer was 1st Lt. Along with men bach from Japan in the 508th and those from the 11th Airborne Division that chose to remain behind when the rest were sent to Germany, the new 101st Airborne Division was reformed with a grand organization day and unit banquet called "Renedezvous with Destiny". Homer Roberson was in the 187th AB, Enginners, in Korea, and is trying to locate an old pal Mr. Yet that evening, he and his buddy got drunk and met a couple of hookers and forgot all about jumping out of planes. Later on in the year I went to Petroleum Storage and Handling School at Fort Lee Virginia to return back to the 426 QM Co. & Trans.)of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell. Instead of staying in the Army,my dad chose the Coast Guard and instead of jumping into Normandy on D Day, where his chances of survival wouldn't have been too good, he spent D Day skirting the North Atlantic on board the USS Savage. Earned wings at Fort Benning, GA in July-August, 1953. But the first jump was made by MSgt Ralph Bottriel, not "Sky High" Irvin. Followed my older brother's (Rich Neybert Love Co-187th) example and advice, "Guys who quit Jump School will be quitting things the rest of their lives." AIRBORNE-ALL THE WAY! Tribuani was a "Tanker"(Armor) in Pacific Theatre, My uncle Lambert Tribuani served with an Artillery unit in europe in WWII. Tribuani served with the 11th Airborne WWII in the Pacific theatre, and later occupied Japan. Mark Ritter, for letting us have too much fun and teaching me "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying", Sgt. I am trying to locate anybody who happened to be there at the same time. The first freefall parachute jump was indeed conducted in 1919 at Mc Cook field. Served with "WAR DADDY THERIAC" and other "Gung Ho" troopers. I now am a American Paratrooper Medic currently serving as a Platoon Sergeant in the 82d Airborne. Searching for Paul G, Miller we took the short together and he got the D. He has cancer in his kidney and he only has one kidney , I would like to get in contact with his Buddies so he can. Although it's confusing it taught me how to be a well-rounded airborne soldier and Marine both knowledgable about demolition, vehicle repair and infantry weapons and tactics. I never new him very well yet my older brothers and Aunts and Uncles have told me stories. bde Feb.67-july 67 after Dak To took a short to get out of field to be door gunner believe it or not they assigned me to a security unit in Vung Tau! I'm writing this to try to find out if there is any one out there that served with my Father at any time. This is a great web sight where all us old paratroopers can meet. If you know my dad or served with him please contact me at my e-mail address.

Would like to get in touch with some of my ole jumping buddies . box 24553 jacksonville, fl 32241 I'm John De Busk and I live in Texas, I saw your entrys in the Paratroopers of the 50's and thought I drop you a line. Campbell (11th Airborne Div) from 1950 thru 1953, I made the scene at Camp Desert Rock, you know the atomic bomb thing and also the Ft. The Army fried us at the Nevada Test Site and we froze at Ft. I'm the webmaster for the Atomic Veteran Web Site, you can get the lowdown at: the fall of 1951, I was in Co.

in 1950 ordered to Korea with the 187 A/B RCT Suport Co.

I am still proud to have been AIRBORNE My grandfather, "Dirty Joe", was the first sergeant of A battery 456th 82nd and A battery 463rd 82nd & 101. I am putting together a familiy history and would love any stories (good or bad) from anyone who knew him. Campbell 58 5th Corp LRRP Weildflecken Germany/Frankfurt Germany 61/62 Hello, My Dad was in the 82nd under Gavin.. I remember seeing allot of British articles my mother From Brittan) kept on the 82nd.(As she worried as the war went on) (A large scrap book)ie.."The devils with the baggy pants" We had a fire back in 70' all was lost.

Good luck to everyone and I hope everything is going the way ya'll like it. A fellow trooper -- John De Busk Basic Training 1954 Ft. Had four uneventful jumps &one mid air collision was on top 0f other chute to dumb to back off I ran foward and jumped off just before we both hit the ground Thank you for adding me to your quest book,however, I failed to mention that while I was in the 511th or the 11th A.

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There were lots of deaths and injuries in that "Operation Snowfall" deal at Ft. I received my wings at Benning in about April of 1950. During this training was attached to George company. A good friend during those years was Jim Troxell (B'Ham Ala.) As I reach the golden years of life I reflect back on the great days I spent being part of the Airborne Family. Benning jump school apr 1958 was given airborne museum assn card #4810 on 4/2/58 does it still exist? 24 Inf Div: From deactivation of the 11th Abn untill 1960. I want my children to see for themselves what a GREAT outfit the 82nd Infintry really was!

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